Anxiety can be incapacitating and all-consuming. Anxiety manifests in many ways such as the tight knot that forms in your throat, the panicky sensation that manifests at the thought of trying something new or feeling nauseous anytime you’re in a social setting.

Utilizing the appropriate tools to better manage these symptoms of anxiety as they arise can help to prevent them from escalating to a full-blown panic attack.

The following techniques are ones that I have used countless times both myself and with many clients.

Grounding Techniques To Effectively Manage Anxiety

Grounding exercises are a very effective way to bring yourself back to the present and better focus on the here and now. This allows the person to focus on what’s going on in the present moment rather than focusing on the what-ifs, or the shoulders or could have scenarios. This gives the individual a way to feel safe and more secure in their present circumstance rather than focusing on the cognitive distortions that may be manifesting due to anxiety-related symptoms.

The following examples are some of the ways that you can practice a grounding technique when you notice anxiety has crept up.

  1. Name five things you hear in your immediate environment. ( Such as the sound of the wind, people talking, the buzzing of electricity….etc)
  2. Name five things you see in your environment surrounding you.
  3. Name five things you smell ( such as the smell of fresh leaves, or the smell of laundry detergent).
  4. Utilize positive affirmations that are strengthened based ( such as ” I am strong, driven, and capable”).

Describe An Object

Find an object in your immediate surroundings and describe it as if you were describing it to someone who did not know what it is.

For example, say you see a chair, You could say the chair has a sleek walnut wooden finish, with a soft velvety cushion of deep burgundy. The chair is just the right height to sit in comfortably without having to stoop down too low. The chair has four legs with connecting bars between each leg. The back has an intricate design of flowers and vines that Cascade down the back of the chair.

Tap Out A Pattern

Tapping is an excellent way to bring yourself back to the here and now. Tapping out a pattern with your fingers helps you to focus on the movement of your hand rather than the thoughts or situation that is causing you anxiety.


These tools are very useful in managing anxiety before it’s gotten to the point of feeling all-consuming. In order to implement these tools appropriately it is best to learn to identify triggers that make you feel anxious so that you can use these tools at the best possible time to prevent full-blown panic.

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