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In the heart of the Buckeye State, we are proud to offer a diverse team of licensed mental health professionals, each bringing their unique skills and deep commitment to fostering mental well-being. Whether you’re grappling with stress, depression, anxiety, or seeking support for any other mental health challenge, our Ohio online therapists are here to provide personalized care. Embracing the values of empathy, confidentiality, and evidence-based practice, we’re committed to guiding you on your journey towards mental health and emotional balance in a safe and nurturing environment where compassion meets expertise.

All UMatter therapists serve Ohians through online therapy.

Sarah Ohio mental health practice owner

Sarah Finkelshteyn, LPCC

Jina Ohio therapist

Jina Varanasi-Lee, LSW


Daren Cooper

Daren Cooper, LSW

Gracie Ohio therapist

Amanda Bradley, LPC

Gracie Ohio therapist

Jas Multani

Guiding You, Step by Step

Through dedication and the transformative power of therapy, we’ll join you in each stride on your path to wellness. Setting tangible goals, forging progress—you’ll have a supportive guide at every juncture. UMatter Counseling is not just about facing the journey; it’s about embracing the progression, the growth, the unwavering pursuit of your well-being.

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