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In personalized person-centered therapy, the focus is on tailoring the therapeutic process to meet the specific needs, preferences, and circumstances of each individual client. This approach places the client at the center of their own healing journey, empowering them to explore their thoughts, feelings, and experiences in a safe and supportive environment. Our therapists at UMatter Counseling acts as a facilitator, guiding the client towards greater self-awareness, self-acceptance, and personal growth. By honoring the unique perspective and autonomy of each client, personalized person-centered therapy encourages authentic self-expression, fosters emotional healing, and promotes holistic well-being. It is a collaborative and non-directive approach that honors the inherent worth and dignity of every individual, nurturing a sense of empowerment and self-directed change.

Every session is filled with empathy as we tackle diverse challenges with specialized care.


Persistent and overwhelming feeling of fear or worry often accompanied by uncomfortable physical sensations.


A mood disorder characterized by persistent feelings of sadness, hopelessness, and loss of pleasure in activities once enjoyed.


A psychological condition caused by experiencing or witnessing a traumatic event resulting in various emotional & physical symptoms.


Characterized by extreme mood swings, including emotional highs (mania or hypomania) and lows (depression).

Kids & Teens

Tailored therapeutic interventions designed to address pediatric developmental needs, by utilizing age-appropriate techniques.


Navigate relationship challenges, improve communication, and deepen intimacy to enhance the overall quality of relationships.

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