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Post-traumatic stress disorder can result from experiencing a life-threatening event that leaves a lasting traumatic impact on the individual and causes impairment to their day-to-day functioning. The individual often has a recurrence of symptoms through flashbacks, nightmares, and other symptoms. Some cases of PTSD can be more or less severe.

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Treating PTSD With Trauma-Focus Therapy on a Foundation of Trust

Treatment of PTSD first requires building a strong rapport between the client and therapist. Once a strong relationship is established with a therapist the client connects with, they can help build the skills necessary to rebuild their life. Therapy may include a combination of CBT, EMDR, and Trauma-Focused therapy which provides a specialized framework for offering a safe and structured space for processing and integrating traumatic experiences.

Depending on the severity of the diagnosis, a collaborative approach working with a primary care provider or a psychiatrist may be necessary for comprehensive treatment. Family members may also be brought into the collaborative approach when the client is ready.

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Lack of sleep due to frightening nightmares has cascading effects.

Difficulties performing day-to-day tasks like taking showers or brushing teeth.

Trouble maintaining relationships with friends, family, and romantic partners.

Reluctance leaving the comfort of home due to the anxiety of running into the source of fear.

Issues with keeping an appetite and eating enough food.

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