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Couples come into counseling for a number of reasons, not all of which have to be bad. Some of these reasons may include improving their marriage or relationship. Other reasons may be repairing damage that has been caused by infidelity, patterns of conflict, or disagreements. Some just want to strengthen their bond and have noticed they’ve become more distant so come to counseling to prevent a problem in their marriage before it starts. No matter your reason, our couple’s specialists have seen it all. Get started at UMatter Counseling.

Respark Your Relationship & Feel The Fire

Some treatment strategies used in couples therapy are behavioral couples therapy, the Gottman method, love mapping, identifying love languages and many others depending on goals & what is needed at the time. 

Communication is a central focus in couples therapy. Some techniques may include encouragement to discuss issues in ways that avoid being careful, while highlighing the concerns from each person’s perspective in a healthy way. Encouraging the use of “I” statements helps express the perspective of only the individual speaking, to avoid assuming what the other is thinking. These techniques and many others are used by our couples specialists to talk about different situations that have occurred throughout the week, as well as the specific situations and reasons that caused couples to decide to seek counseling to begin with.

Betrayal, infidelity, and other breaches of trust lead to lingering insecurities and conflicts.

Inability to resolve disagreements constructively results in recurring, repetitive arguments.

Lack of emotional or physical intimacy, including due to sexual problems can create feelings of low worth & frustration.

Money problems can cause immense tension, avoidance, disagreements, or resentment.

Struggles with mental health conditions & addiction within couples can add extra challenges in maintaining a healthy relationship.


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